Sales Integrity: Selling Well Without Selling Your Soul

sales integrityWe all know the snake-oil salesman cliché. In an increasingly interconnected and yelped world, however, there is little space for the chicanery that typified that deceitful sales model of old. Rather, competence and reliability are the watchwords of modern-day sales.

Honesty is the Best Policy

“Had honesty not existed, a salesperson would’ve invented it,” the saying goes. Sales is a multiply repeated game. Cheating or lying on your first turn might gain you immediate payoff, but will definitely hurt your long-term prospects. The successful salesperson will earn trust in order to turn their one-time customers into longtime clients and thus benefit from a perpetual income stream.

Details, Details

It’s not enough to be honest. To succeed in sales, attention to detail is essential. Not only is it imperative to listen to what a customer says, but also to react to it and follow through on the appropriate response. A great meal stands out as much for its server’s near-telepathic attention to your needs as it does because of flawless execution by the chef. It’s that service that will distinguish you as a salesperson, and reward you financially.

Be Prepared

You needn’t have been a Boy Scout to know the value of preparation. All the follow-through in the world is useless if you’re not ready. Know your product. Clients rely on your for crucial information about the product you are selling. Likewise, you will be better able to counter a prospective client’s objections if you have done your homework.

Selling isn’t a one-way street, though, so you also need to know your customer. What are they looking for? What concerns might they have? How can you solve them? If you can answer these questions before a meeting, you will have a much higher likelihood of sales success.

Get Out of Your Own Way

The biggest barrier to any salesperson’s success is usually their own ego. Whether it’s because you don’t think you should go the extra mile or because you’ve been shot down too many times, your ego will sometimes tell you to stop just short of success. Persistence in sales pays off, always. This is especially true as you start in a new territory or with a new client. Your clients need time to recognize that you are going to be there for them. Don’t give them an excuse to say “no” to you by not showing up.

The biggest differentiator in today’s global marketplace is the human touch. Selling with integrity and competence is the surest way to make your impact felt

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