Another Way of Thinking Outside the Box in Today’s Economy

I had the privilege of talking with Cheryl Moore, owner of Our Place Bakery Cafe, a new bakery located in a historic suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Moore and I met recently when, upon passing through just looking for a place that served ice cream so I can treat my nephew, we unintentionally strolled into her store. Immediately, the look and atmosphere of this cafe made a positive impression on my nephew and I. After treating my nephew with two chocolate chip cookies, Ms. Moore and I began to talk about her store, entrepreneurship, and life in general. She has a very intriguing personality.

Upon leaving, I asked her for an interview. Without hesitation, she agreed.


A week later, I came to her cafe and here is our conversation:


How did you get started?


Our Place Bakery Cafe has been open for a year now. I’m a real estate developer. I bought the building….and rented it out. Tenants have put me through changes.


I decided to open a bakery because there’s not another bakery in College Park (Atlanta, GA). I just wanted to have a place where, from kids to old folks, can feel comfortable, relax and gab, like a melting pot. People can sit down and have a treat because we have treats in here from 75 cents on up. So everybody can take part in the experience.


What separates Our Place Bakery Cafe from the competition?


First of all, we bake everything on site in our open-air kitchen and use 100% butter with our salads. Our chicken is [cooked] in olive oil. Now we make and bake our own breads. Subway bakes their bread but doesn’t make it and the [bread] is frozen. We do the same with out pastries and pies. We also deal with a lot of local vendors and business’ around such as Arden’s Garden and Jake’s Ice Cream.


We’ve just added on two local roasters for our coffee, One thousand Faces, who is organically environmentally conscious, and Viazza’s, which is Italy’s finest coffee.


What really sets us apart, besides our treats, is our decorum and atmosphere. We have a down stairs (area) for live entertainment, spoken word (sessions), etc. It is equipped with audio, visual, and band. We’re really looking for that progressive type of people here.


We’re open everyday and have free Wi-Fi. We’re trying to bring back that same sense of “community-based” with different perspectives.


How long have you been an Entrepreneur?


All my life.


You were raised as an Entrepreneur?




What do you say to people who are looking to go the entrepreneur route, especially in today’s economy?


Be willing to suffer. The more you suffer, the bigger the reward, you know, and never give up…With the way things are going now, conventional is out the door. So you might as well live your dreams, you only have one life. Do and be all that you can be.


Are you originally from around here?


No, I’m originally from Norfolk, Virginia and relocated here around 16 years ago. A local now, living in [nearby] East Point for over 8 years now.


The reason I gravitated to this particular area is because it’s going through a tremendous revitalization, with the urban sprawl. It’s near the airport and metropolitan (Atlanta) area. The store showcases the metropolitan [style] but still preserves the nostalgic with how I feel about College Park.


Where do you see Our Place Bakery Cafe in the next 5-10 years?


A couple more outlets with the same premise in mind: that no matter what, we will never get too big. Our slogan is “Serving A Piece of Home One Customer at a Time.” We want anybody that comes in here to feel like their at home.


What’s Your Signature Dish or Dessert?


Well our signature cake is our Caramel Cake. I actually got the recipe from Memphis (Tennessee).


I got to get a piece of that Cake!


You got to, I’m telling you right now! You got to get you some…. (I point to the cake) Exactly! That is our second [caramel] cake. We sold a whole one this morning.


Our Bread Pudding is a showstopper. In addition, we offer hummingbird,red velvet, and pound cakes. We also do custom cakes for weddings. We have a ‘Customer Design’ chef on duty here.


We also offer vegan, sugar free desserts and that has really brought a new dimension and kind of people into our place. This really enforces what we’re trying to do because it makes it more interesting to have different [types of] people.


Our Place Bakery Cafe is located close to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, in the heart of downtown historic College Park, Georgia. The address is 3387 Main Street, College Park, Georgia 30337. Operating hours are Mondays, 8am to 7pm, Tuesdays to Fridays, 8am to 9pm, Saturdays, 10am to 9pm, and Sundays, noon to 7pm.


Wine tastings are every third Wednesday of each month. Live Entertainment happens first Thursday of each month. Spoken Word poetry readings are every fourth Wednesday of each month. Finally, Chicago-style stepping classes each Sunday.


Call (404) 767-3181 or email: for more info.


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